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Western Cape Tours and Travel endeavours to grow in the near future, with a goal of opening a unique and upmarket backpacking experience named:

Western Cape Backpackers, in Cape Town CBD within the next 5 – 10 years. This strategically placed backpackers will not only accommodate guests but also introduce them to a true taste of Cape Town and our Amazing Culture.

The backpackers will be an exciting and elegant experience for travellers of all ages and will cater for both local and international tourists.

We cannot wait to expand our business nationally and establish an unique offering of interprovincial tours and travel for both local and international tourists.

Western Cape Backpackers

The Backpacking sector of the business will operate predominantly within the CBD area of Cape Town.

The desire is for the Backpackers to be an elegant experience, but still encompass fun; targeting a diverse group of tourists and local clients. The intention is for it to feel like a home-away-from-home so that each guest is comfortable and happy. Customer Service and friendly staff will be at the foreground of the business model to ensure the highest standards.